Death To Die For

Kata could see Adam, a seven-year-old little boy. The whole village was there, surrounding him, intently staring. The boy stood shivering, eyes fixated with fear into the eyes of the Leader, Bria. The sky started to dance with lightning, while thunder shook the earth. Rain consumed all vision, except for Adam and Brias figures. “This is the consequences of defiling the law of the Earth! No one, not even my own son, is exempt from these laws” Echoed Brias voice amidst the crowd of the village. She took out a bottle, and appeared to whisper  words to a petrified, but quivering Adam. She then, very gently  handed the bottle to Adam, kneeling down next to him.

“Drink” Bria said, just loud enough for those within arms reach, could hear. Adam stood quivering. Bria took the bottle, and very gently coaxed Adam into an embrace, soothing his head, speaking softly to him.She raised the bottle to his quivering lips, and the slightest smile escaped his face, as a tear rolled down his cheek. “I’m sorry, mommy” the words escaped Adams mouth as he seemed to lean in for an embrace, but the contents of the bottle rolled into his small body. The little boys body began to shake, as he collapsed to the mud. Bria stood up, emotionless,  and walked away.

The village did not cry out, and  no one went to recover his fallen body. The crowd dispersed, as if nothing had happened. Whispers did not fill the air, and concern was no where to be seen.


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